All submitted articles will go through three rounds of peer reviewing process by professional committee. The review comments of the first round will be fed back to the authors within three working days after the submission. The authors need to modify the article according to the comments received and send the modified article back for second review process, then the article will be reviewed carefully by international experts based on its topics, grammar, innovation, integrality, the "literary" presentation, the technical depth, and overall organization, the notification of acceptance letter will be sent to the authors (including co-authors) if the article is accepted for publication/ presentation.


Submission Methods

Authors are welcome to submit the full paper or abstract through one of the following two methods:

Submission System Submission                                 Email Submission:

Submission Types - Three Types of Submissions

* Abstract only. Abstract only can be accepted as presentation only after review.
* Full paper in proceedings template. Full papers can be accepted as presentation with publication after review. If you plan to publish your paper in conference proceeding, please format your paper strictly in proceedings template.
* Full paper in journal template. Full papers can be accepted as presentation with publication after review. If you plan to publish your paper in the journal, please format your paper strictly in journal template.

Template and Formatting Requirements

All submissions must be in Microsoft Word .doc format (Microsoft Word .docx format) and Adobe PDF format. Files submitted in other formats or that do not use the submission template will not be considered for review. The body of the submission (text, figures, tables, references, and appendices) should be stored in one single file and must use the submission template provided on the ICANN 2019 website. All figures and illustrations must be inserted into your Word .doc or Word .docx file as either JPG or GIF format (other formats or embedded graphic objects will not convert to PDF correctly). For more instructions regarding figures, please see submission template. Any submission that does not use this template or deviates from the formatting requirements will be asked to revise the paper till it matches to the templates which are provided by ICANN 2019. Each paper is limited to 8 pages normally including all figures, tables, and references, extra page will be charged at 30USD/ per page.

Full Paper Template Abstract Template


ICANN 2019 sincerely welcome your submission.

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